Meridian Health is proud to be associated with “ThermoScan” under the Directorship of Marcelle Southey. This is currently the only Revolutionary and Safe Diagnostic Tool to detect a tumor growth 6 years before a mammogram would and is non-invasive and emits no radiation. Apart from early breast cancer detection, a thermoscan has found to have merit in the following medical uses :

Muscle and Joint Pain, Dental issues, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Spinal and Limb Injuries, Varicose Veins/Phlebitis, Referred Pain, Nerve Damage, Vascular and Circulatory Problems, Thyroid, Carotid Artery, Multiple Sclerosis and monitoring/treating diseases.

Once the thermal imaging is complete by Marcelle and the medical report is received by the medical practitioner, the patient is then referred to Meridian Health to assist with therapeutic, non-invasive and holistic treatments and advisory. The scan provides a clear map exposing patterns of lymphatic congestion which can be effectively and painlessly managed.