When Alex and myself shared the stage at the 2014 SWG Annual Conference as Keynote Speakers, there was an immediate synergy between our two spheres and a collaboration was undoubtedly imminent. The beauty of it all was that the concept of Alex’s “Emotional Intelligence” presentation and my “Lifestyle Management” presentation fitted hand-in-glove and the dynamics and interplay between the two was in perfect harmony. The result, we introduce our “Lifestyle Intelligence Master class” which marries the two concepts together to achieve an astounding workshop which will inspire and equip all those who participate with a new found passion for life and a roadmap to arrive at your destination of choice.

As with any good plan of action, opting for an effective and well designed strategy is imperative if one wishes to achieve any objective regardless of how humble or elaborate it may be. So with this in mind, this dynamic tag-team presentation takes flight when Alex first exercises the brain and enlightens the audience as to the power of a changed mind and harnessing a winners quality which will serve as a catalyst to make the appeal so much more attractive to now adopt and modify behavioral changes to sustain a healthy and fulfilling life.

Naresh’s model and concept of “Preventative Maintenance” is incredibly simple to assimilate and execute. It’s the simplicity of the model interlaced with quality management principles which makes it so effective and efficient. Coupled with the latest information in advancements in food technology and forensics, he equips the participants with the street-smart savvy to make conscious decisions on daily choices.

At the end of it all, we hope to inspire our audience to raise their standards and make sustainable, lifestyle changes which will enable them to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations while living well and being significant to all those that they encounter on their journey through life.