Who is Naresh Naidoo?

Studied under the mentorship of Cecelia Salvesen who served on the Board of Directors as Vice President for the International Council of Reflexologists and Author of the book, “You are what you eat”.

Graduated from the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy in 2003 as a Therapeutic Reflexologist and registered Massage Therapist. In 2004,he was entered into the Practitioners Register of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and was conferred the right to practice as a “Therapeutic Reflexology Practitioner” and has been in private practice for the past 11 years.

Concurrently, over the last 14 years, Naresh has attained various accolades and training certificates in the realm of food science and Forensics in the FMCG industry concerning the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)model. He is also a qualified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System with the CSIR(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) .

Due to this exposure, Naresh has represented South Africa twice internationally at the United Nations FAO/WTO Codex Alimentarius Conferences and the World Dairy Summits and is currently a member of the International Dairy Federation (IDF/IFL) as well as The International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy Alumni Association.

Armed with the background of Food Science and the principles of HACCP which is a ‘systematic preventative approach’, coupled with complementary therapies , Naresh has taken “Lifestyle Management” to a new dimension within the corporate sphere in terms of their ‘Health and Wellness’ initiatives and ‘Human Factor’ assessments and advisory.


Qualified Therapeutic Reflexology Practitioner – International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy – 2003, Registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

Certified Lead Auditor, ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management System – Pretoria(CSIR) 2003

Qualified HACCP Auditor – Port Elizabeth(Nelson Mandela Metro University) 2007

Trained and competent in the following disciplines:

Applied reflexology (Hand and Feet)

Foot Manipulation Technique (Chiropractic’s of the Foot)

Anatomy and Physiology

Pathology and Pathophysiology


Soft Tissue Mobilization (Therapeutic Massage)

Nutrition/ dietary lifestyle management

Scope of Practice

As a registered therapist, apart from administering treatment, the following acts may be performed:

Conducting comprehensive case history

Preparation of suitable patient specific treatment protocol

Relaxation Techniques and methods

Recommendations of suitable unscheduled preparations and products

Promotion of lifestyle changes that include dietary advice, exercise, rest, sleep and motivation to assist the rehabilitation of the patient

Education leading to the attainment of optimum health for the individual

Delivery of emergency first aid treatment

Why I am unique in the industry?

Being exposed to the food science and forensics for more than 14 years at various levels and utilizing my HACCP auditing principles, my source of information is current and evolving with trends and product developments which impact the basis of my diet/nutritional advice. Whilst most written literature is based on ‘ideal’ situations, the ‘real world’ situation of which I am exposed to is considerably different which gives my clients the edge of actual benefit as opposed to theoretical generic information that is available to the public. As a registered therapist, my skillset is diverse to deal with the complexities encountered by the stressors and lifestyle pitfalls of the corporate sphere.

My program engagement strategy is a “Quality Management Systems” approach to Health and Wellness coupled with a motivational undercurrent to achieve long lasting behavioral changes resulting in better health. The result being a boost in morale, reduction in losses due to medical costs and absenteeism, increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. By investing in human capital by Health and Wellness initiatives such as this, the global norm for the return on investment is a staggering 1:14 ratio. This sets in motion a trend which transforms a company from mediocre to phenomenal due to the retention of tacit knowledge.

It is Health that is real Wealth, not pieces of gold and silver

-Mahatma Gandhi.

Why Meridian Health ?

Meridian as a Noun means: highest level or degree attainable, the highest stage of development.

As an adjective it means: best stage of development, peak of perfection / summit of ambition.

In terms of my field of study, “meridians” were the energy channels/pathways that traverse the body and was the premise to acupuncture and reflexology.

As Director and Practitioner, it was Apt that “Meridian Health” would sum up my goals as a means to an end.

My Philosophy being that each of us are created unique in every respect and should be treated as such. We as human beings are a symphony of complexity and a reservoir of potential. This potential can only be realized if you are of sound mind and body and express our creative spirit which is our birthright. Whether individuals are on the path from ordinary to extraordinary or that they have reached the pinnacle of their careers, ambitions or lifes achievements, Meridian Health strives to guide, inspire individuals through this journey. I believe that service to mankind heightens our state of consciousness and our legacy becomes our purpose in retrospect.